6 Services Included in 3rd Party Self Storage Management

Partnering with a 3rd party self storage management company allows you to improve the organization of your storage facility without increasing your daily responsibilities. At The Storage Mall Management Company, we provide solutions for operating your self storage business more efficiently. Our offerings include employee services, daily operations, accounting, and more. Here are six features included in our 3rd party self storage management services:

1. Employee Services

Our self storage management company assists with fostering a well-trained and motivated workforce. From recruiting managers to completing staff planning and scheduling, we handle several aspects of employee services. As a business owner, you can promote smooth operations and customer-centered experiences by making sure your facility is staffed with qualified professionals.

2. Daily Operations

Daily operations within a self storage facility involve various tasks, including unit turnover, customer interactions, and facility inspections. Our professional management company takes charge of these daily operations for you. We implement efficient processes for collecting fees, managing auctions, and addressing any operational issues that may arise. By managing the day-to-day functioning of the facility, we can help contribute to a seamless experience for you as a property owner and for your customers.

3. Accounting

Accurate accounting is beneficial for any successful business. At The Storage Mall Management Company, we can handle various accounting tasks for facility owners. This includes tracking income, processing payments, and maintaining comprehensive financial records. Property owners can focus on the strategic aspects of their business, knowing that the financial reports and deposits are accounted for.

4. Expense Management

Our company assists with managing expenses and optimizing costs without compromising the quality of service. Our managers offer monthly financial statements and comparisons to help optimize your finances. We also provide monthly progress reports, helping you make sure that your finances remain on track with your income and growth goals. Property owners can maintain a well-functioning and cost-effective storage facility through 3rd party proactive maintenance and strategic expense management.

5. Revenue Management and Reporting

Optimizing revenue is often a primary goal for self storage facility owners, and our professional management company can help achieve this goal by managing asking rates and in-place rates. We use revenue management strategies and adjust rental rates based on market trends and demand. We also provide detailed reports on revenue performance. This can help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your business, allowing you to maximize profitability and capitalize on market opportunities.

6. Auditing and Financial Controls

Our audits include regular store visits to uphold cleanliness standards, assess curb appeal, and maintain documentation. We also conduct monthly audits of unit inventory, cash handling, and overall inventory management. Annual budgeting is beneficial, providing a strategic financial roadmap for the facility. Revenue reconciliation and handling of bank deposits further contribute to financial transparency and accountability. To streamline operations and maintain privacy and security, software restrictions can also be implemented for self storage facility managers.

3rd Party Self Storage Management for Your Business

The Storage Mall Management Company offers services like auditing and financial controls, revenue management and reporting, and more. Professional self storage management can help property owners focus on other business responsibilities while the daily operations are tended to. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they may benefit you.

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