Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you have questions about storage, we likely have the answer. Here are the most frequently asked questions or FAQs surrounding storing in a self storage unit.

When your FAQs (frequently asked questions) have been answered, and you think you are ready to find a “storage unit near me,” our locations page will help you find the nearest facility to start renting online now!

Would you like more specific information about renting a particular type of storage? Check out the options below for more information:

Nope! None of our facilities charge a security deposit, helping you to save money.

Depending on where you are storing, our unit sizes can vary anywhere from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’. Call the facility nearest to you to learn more about the features and unit sizes available.

Your self storage unit rent is due on the first of each month.

Click here to make your payment now.

It’s easy to rent a unit with any of our facilities, and it only takes a few minutes to get you set up. Our staff can even do it over the phone to make things easier for you. You will need to sign a lease to rent a unit; however, all of our leases are month-to-month and you can vacate your storage unit at any time without risking a penalty or fees.

At many of our facilities, you can enjoy 24-hour access to your storage space as long as your bill is current. Call the facility nearest to you to learn more about that facility’s access hours.

If there is a location that isn’t listed as 24 hour access then it would be a standard 6am-10pm.  This is most of our Midwest locations.

We sure do! Many of our facilities offer Uhaul truck rentals and towing equipment, and some even offer a free truck for use during your move-in. Once you have identified a specific storage facility, we recommend contacting the facility directly to ask for more information and pricing.

Yes! Many of our locations offer parking for RVs, boats, cars and motorcycles, but this is not a standard offering at all locations. Contact the storage location nearest you to see if the service is available.

We accept several major credit cards, including MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, and American Express®. For your convenience ask about our online bill pay option, which allows you to pay your bill from anywhere with an internet connection.

Self Storage unit sizes vary by location and the type of storage facility, but the most common types include:








Figuring out the right size of storage unit can be difficult. There’s no perfect system, but you should consider how much living space is going into your new self storage unit and whether or not they’re being used for specific items only.

One-Bedroom Apartment

A 5×15 (75 sq. ft.) or 10×10 storage unit (100 sq. ft.) is best for a one-bedroom apartment.

Two-Bedroom Apartment

For those with less to store, a 10×10 storage unit (100 sq. ft.) will be a great fit. If you’re maximizing the space in your two-bedroom apartment, it’s more likely that a 10×15 (150 sq. ft.) will fit your needs.

Three-Bedroom House

A 10×25 storage unit (250 sq. ft.) is the most commonly used storage unit for a three-bedroom house. With the contents of the house, as well as yard and outdoor items like lawnmowers and grills, a little more space is needed!

Four-Bedroom House

For four or five-bedroom houses, a 10×30 storage unit (300 sq. ft.) should provide ample space.

Storing a Car

This depends on the length of the car you’re storing, but the majority of cars fall between 15 and 20 feet in length, making the 10×20 storage unit perfect for most cars.

Storing a Motorcycle

A 5×10 (50 sq. ft.) is typically more than enough space for a single motorcycle. If you’re looking to store multiple bikes, a 10×10 self storage unit or larger will be your best option.

Try our Storage Calculator to determine the best self storage unit size for your needs.

Self storage units are a great option for those who need extra space to store their belongings. There are a variety of unit sizes and ceiling heights to choose from, so you can find the perfect option for your needs. The most common ceiling height for storage units is approximately 8′, but there are also units with higher ceilings that can accommodate taller vehicles and other large items. In larger cities where locker-sized units are more popular, reduced-height storage units that are less than 8′ are also available. So whether you’re looking for a place to store your holiday decorations or a boat, there’s a self storage unit that’s perfect for you.

If you rented a self storage space that’s too big or too small, we’ll be happy to help you get moved into a self storage unit that better matches your needs as long as we have that size available at the location.

For more information on storage unit sizes and choosing the best option for you, visit our storage unit size guide.

Drive-Up Storage Units

“Drive-Up” self storage units is what people typically image when picturing a self storage unit. Drive-up units allow you to pull your vehicle right up to the roll up door of your self storage space to load and unload items, making it great for storing large, heavy items.

Most drive-up storage units are built in long building arranged neatly in rows. In some cases, though, drive up storage units can be located in covered, indoor spaces, or hallways that have several storage units, that might be accessed through a man door or a roll up self storage door.

Interior Self Storage Units

Interior Self Storage Units are located within a building structure. Typically vehicles can not pull directly up to interior or indoor storage units. However, they do offer their own advantages. Many prefer the comfort of storing their belongings inside of a building, and those who want climate controlled storage will typically be choosing an interior storage unit.

First-Floor Access Self Storage Units

Many of the locations owned or managed by The Storage Mall offer interior storage units that have multiple floors. Self Storage units on the first floor of these buildings provide the easiest access for loading and unloading, adding the benefit or maximum time savings. If you plan to access your unit often, for business, or for any reason, this storage unit type is best for you.

Elevator Access Self Storage Units

Interior self storage units on the second floor and up are referred to as elevator or lift access self storage units. Though not quite as simple to access, elevators make getting your belongings to and from the storage unit a painless process, with carts and dollies are always provided.

Reduced-Height Storage Units

Most storage units are 8’ tall, but in larger cities where space is limited, we often offer reduced-height storage units perfect for anyone with small storage needs that’s looking for cheap self storage units.

A climate-controlled self storage unit is a self storage unit that is in a temperature-controlled environment. A temperature controlled environment means that the temperature in the building remains between 55 and 85 degrees at all times, making it the perfect storing solution for sensitive items like vinyl records, pictures, books, etc.

Do I need a climate control self storage unit?

That depends on several factors. Climate controlled storage might be worth it to you if:

  • You live in an area with extreme high and/or low temperatures
  • You’re storing valuable items that shouldn’t be exposed to severe temperatures
  • You plan on using storage for an extended period of time

Climate controlled self storage unit can be beneficial for several common household items. We have a comprehensive list for you to use, but some of the most common are:

  • Collectibles such as artwork, stamp collections, record collections, and more
  • Electronics such as TVs, gaming systems, stereos, computers, and cameras
  • Books, clothing, personal records, and more
  • Photos and negatives, film reels, cassettes, and more
  • Furniture including wood and leather furniture

Yes! Only cars in working order are allowed to be stored inside storage units, but it is allowed. 10×20 storage units are big enough for most cars, while some longer trucks will need a 10×25 storage unit or 10×30 self storage unit.

Learn more about Vehicle Self Storage Units!

Yes, all cars stored on our properties are required to carry insurance, and remain active throughout their stay with us.

Learn more about Vehicle Self Storage Units!

Unfortunately we do not allow maintenance work on vehicles inside of self storage units on our properties.


Learn more about Vehicle Self Storage Units!

Absolutely! We suggest storing a motorcycle inside of a 5 x 10 Exterior drive up self storage unit. If you are planning on storing more than one, or have a motorcycle with two back wheels such as a trike, we would suggest a 10 x 10 self storage unit.


Learn more about Vehicle Self Storage Units!

The facilities that we operate offer a variety of parking solutions for both RV and boat storage at many locations. To find out more information contact a manager at the location closest to you, and they can help you determine the perfect storage parking unit for the length of your recreational vehicle or boat.

Start storing your vehicle today at one of these locations:

New York

New Jersey







Yes! We are committed to serving the needs of all of our local small businesses. Our self storage units are conveniently located, affordable, and come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your business. When considering a self storage unit for a business, consider the items you’d be storing such as inventory, files, extra materials, and even parts for maintenance.

Contractors have been using Self Storage Units for years to run a variety of business in a financially responsible way. We offers a variety of sizes that would work for any contracting business. However, you might not have the comforts of air conditioning or heating for a true office experience. But our units are fantastic for storing your inventory, or tools.

Availability varies per location. Please reach out to our property management staff for further details, or learn how to rent online now.

To rent a self storage unit with The Storage Mall, please bring your government issued ID. If you choose an easy pay option or to set up auto billing you’ll also need a credit card.

You can cancel your self storage unit reservation by reaching out to one of our expert management staff at the location you placed your original reservation with.

All storage units we manage and operate are on month to month rental terms. With month to month rental contracts on self storage units, RV and Boat Parking and variety of other spaces, you get flexibility and peace of mind to only use the space for the amount of time that you need.

If you’re in need of a long-term storage solution, we work with customers who have long-term self storage needs and allow you to prepay on a yearly basis (12 months). We also rent our storage units on a month-to-month basis. This allows our customers the flexibility to rent as long as necessary.

We understand the value our units provide to our communities, we strive to always provide competitive pricing and maintaining clean, safe, and secure facilities with the best customer service in the self storage industry. Please keep in mind that your original monthly rate is not guaranteed for the life of your Self Storage Rental with any of our locations at The Storage Mall or managed by The Storage Mall. From time to time, we adjust our customers’ rental rates to keep up with the rising costs associated with providing a quality product and a clean, secure facility throughout our local communities.

Monthly rent is due each month on the first of the month. For your convenience, we offer many payment options, including the option to pre-pay for up to twelve months of rent, auto payment, or easy online payments. When you are ready to vacate, we require ten days verbal OR 15 days written notice before vacating. If you advise the rental office of your intention to vacate before paying your final month.

Welcome! We’re so happy to be able to serve your storage needs. Here are a few items to keep in mind to make your first trip to your new self storage unit a positive experience! If you rented online, you can access your unit right away, just remember to bring your gate code to the facility. If you have questions or concerns, at many of our locations we have store managers available during office hours to assist you. We look forward to seeing you around!

We offer packing supplies at many of our locations. Please call the office where you rented your unit online to check if there are supplies available prior to your arrival.

We prioritize the convenience and accessibility of all of our units to our customers. At self storage facilities that have elevators, we provide carts and dollies to make your move as easy as possible.

Yes! You can log into your account here and pay your bill at your convenience.

Absolutely! We want your self storage experience to be as easy as possible, so for that reason we do offer automatic payments. There’s a few ways that you can sign up for this:

  • You can sign up for automatic payments when you rent your self storage unit both online and at our storage 
  • You can also sign up for automatic payments when you log into the account portal located here
  • Finally, you can reach out to the manager of your local self storage facility, and they are always willing to help set up your account on automatic billing payments.

The length of time for a past-due account to be placed in auction varies by state law. We recommend that you contact your facility manager to discuss your account as soon as possible if your payment is late. The Storage Mall will provide written notice to your email address or physical address listed on your account, again depending on state law. Additionally, facility managers frequently try to contact all customers in default by phone prior to an auction process.

Once the unit is sold, the proceeds are applied to your outstanding balance. If the proceeds are higher than the amount due, a check for the difference will be sent to the person leasing the storage unit.

Learn more about when auctions happen.

Contact the self storage facility you are renting at directly to let them know and discuss what can be done.

Boat storage can cost anywhere from $75 a month to over $300 a month at our facilities. There are several factors that can impact boat storage costs, including location, type of boat storage, and unit size.

If you need frequent access to your boat while it’s in storage, most of our self storage facilities offer generous access hours. Some even have 24-hour access available. These hours will allow you to pick up and drop off your boat when it’s convenient for you, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling your trips around facility hours.

The safety of your stored belongings is always a priority. Our self storage facilities offer excellent security features, including electronic gate access and video surveillance. Some locations have on-site managers.

That’s what we do! Our self storage facilities are open year round and offer month-to-month rental agreements. Convenience is a high priority for our business, so store your boat for as long as you need. Be sure to talk with the facility before reserving your boat, RV, or vehicle storage space

Yes. Maintaining the integrity of your vessel is a high priority prior to outdoor storage throughout the winter months. We provide a comprehensive guide to the proper steps to winterize and protect your boat while storing it over the winter. Click HERE to read that.

As long as it fits, you can storage a boat in a storage unit. Smaller boats can fit into standard storage unit sizes like 10×20 or 10×30, and some locations offer storage units with higher ceilings to accommodate larger boats.

How secure is self storage or renting a self storage unit?

Even though self storage facilities have been around since the early 1970’s, and have come along way from the orginal garage units in neighbors field, there are still so many questions surronding the security of renting a self storage unit. Some of the frequently asked questions that we hear are:

  • Do you have camrea’s?
  • Is the facility lit at night or is there lighting?
  • Is the facility gated so not every body can walk in?

We would like to ease your mind by answering those questions and more right now!

The difference in how our facilities offer peace of mind.

We focus on providing the best experience, for yourself and your possessions, that the self storage industry offers. With security camera’s, gated pass-code access, and very well lit facilities across the United States. But don’t just take our word for it! If you are a first time self storage renter, we invite you to come view our location prior to renting. We believe the best way for you to know if you feel safe is to be on site to know for yourself.

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