Storage Management Services in Kansas

Delivering Outcomes for Storage Facility Owners

We collaborate with our clients to transform their investments into a self-sustaining stream of benefits.

If you are a facility owner in Kansas looking for 3rd party self storage management services, The Storage Mall is here to help. We offer self storage property management services in Kansas and numerous other states. Whether you want to enhance customer engagement and retention or optimize revenue processes, The Storage Mall can help meet your needs. Our team aims to provide customized solutions that help to streamline everyday operations at your facility.

Self Storage Property Management Services

The Storage Mall offers tailored solutions with the goal of simplifying your processes and improving operational efficiency. We bring our years of experience to the table to bring storage owners specific data-driven solutions. Here are a few ways our team can help with self storage property management

Employee Support

Having competent and professional staff at your disposal is key to running a successful storage facility. Our team will help with a variety of staff needs. The Storage Mall provides support with recruiting and training employees, including store managers. If you want help with staff scheduling and timekeeping, we can also provide support and establish guidelines. This will allow your team to work efficiently and avoid over- or under-staffing issues. We can also help implement and enforce proper uniform standards if you want your employees to maintain a certain level of professionalism in the workplace.

Financial Management

The Storage Mall offers thorough financial management solutions for your storage facility. A few of our financial services include daily reconciliation reports, income and expense records, and accounts payable management. To further enhance your revenue management, our team can provide you with monthly financial statements, monthly progress reports, and key performance metrics to determine where you can improve operations to increase revenue. Carefully analyzing this information can allow storage facility owners to learn where performance is lagging and where they are excelling. Our team will work with you to review this information and take measured steps to address inefficiencies and encourage positive outcomes.

Everyday Procedures

Refining the everyday operations of your storage facility can help with time and money savings. The Storage Mall team is here to help streamline processes by enhancing customer communication, collecting rent and other fees, and conducting unit auctions. We not only work with owners and employees, but we can also assist with customer connections. Maintaining consistent communication with customers allows your storage facility to better identify and manage issues or concerns. We can verify that customer payments are up to date and reach out if they are falling behind or miss a payment. 

Use Our 3rd Party Self Storage Management Services Today

The Storage Mall offers efficient and streamlined 3rd party self storage management solutions. The services listed above are just a few of the resources we provide. Our reliable team can help with accounting, employee training, auditing, and so much more. For a comprehensive list of our self storage property management services, give us a call or fill out our online form.