Vehicle Self Storage Units

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Learn about different vehicle types & find a vehicle self-storage unit that’s right for you.

Need to store a car, truck, or SUV for a month or longer? A vehicle self storage unit or parking might be an excellent option for short-term and long-term storage! With locations throughout the northeast & midwest, we are sure that we can provide secure vehicle storage. Our team of expert storage managers are able to offer you the insights you need and help you find car storage near you!

We focus on services our customers need, so a time commitment of months or years is never required. Whether you need short-term vehicle storage or you plan to store a car for six months, a year, or longer, your reason for using self storage will never impact the solution available for you to choose from. Use the information curated for you below to help make your decision about renting a car or auto self storage unit today.

Important Vehicle Self-Storage Considerations


When storing a car or vehicle in a self storage facility, you want to be confident that the location is secure. Look for electronic gate access, video surveillance, and well-lit properties. We take security seriously and all of our locations have video surveillance and pin code access electronic gates.

Access Hours

The convenience of accessing your car when you need it should be a significant factor when renting car storage. At most locations we offer extended access hours or even 24 hour access.

Local Weather

The weather in your area will play a significant role in which type of auto storage you decide to rent. For example, if you’re in an area with harsh storms, storing your car in a storage unit should be a strong consideration. Storing your vehicle in a storage unit or indoor car storage can help to ensure that your engine will have less weather-related damage like cracks and seal leaks.

Vehicle Insurance

Before storing a vehicle, be sure to check with your insurance carrier. Many insurance companies offer coverage primarily written to protect your car while in storage. Such off-road coverage can provide significant savings over road insurance coverage.

Types of Self-Storage Units for Vehicles

Many of our locations offer indoor storage, outdoor storage, and even covered vehicle storage space for cars. We know we have something that can work for you. 

Indoor Car Storage

Can you store a car in a storage unit? Yes, you can! Drive-up storage units provide an indoor, garage-like storage space for cars. With varying unit sizes, anything from a compact car to larger pickup trucks or commercial cargo vans can be stored in these units. Typically these units range in size from a 10×20 to a 10×30 or larger. Because of the protection this storage option provides, drive-up access units are great for long-term car storage, storing classic or sports cars, or storing a vehicle in an area with harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor Car Storage

If you live in an area with fantastic weather or prefer a more affordable self storage solution for your vehicle, outdoor car storage is a great option. Many of our self Storage locations offer outdoor parking units or spaces that can easily accommodate cars of all sizes.

Covered Car Storage

With a roof protecting your vehicle from the sun and other elements, covered car storage falls between indoor and outdoor storage. This option is more affordable than indoor storage but also provides better protection against sun, snow, hail, and other elements that could damage your vehicle. If you don’t live in an area with harsh weather or intense storms, this is an excellent option for storing your car.

Checklist for Storage a Vehicle in a Self-Storage Facility

For owners of classic, antique and vintage cars, sports cars, and racing cars, storing your seldom-used car in a self storage unit is often a viable option. Whether your car is an expensive one that you display in auto shows and parades or just an average car holding only personal sentimental value, you will want to know how to prepare your car for storage best. Proper storage will extend the life of your vehicle and keep it looking like new and running in top condition.

Preparing for Storage

While preparing a car for storage, keep the following checklist handy and be sure to follow it carefully so that your vehicle will run to its optimal performance level and continue to look like new when it’s time to take it out of storage. Gather the tools and supplies that you may need before you get started.

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