Maintaining Your Car During Storage

If you have a seasonal vehicle or will be temporarily relocating, storing your car can offer protection from the elements and prevent deterioration. The Storage Mall provides indoor, outdoor, and covered storage for cars. Storing your vehicle for an extended period requires careful maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. The following tips can help you maintain your vehicle while you are not using it:

Clean Your Vehicle

Cleaning your vehicle can protect it from damage and corrosion. Wash the exterior of your car with soap and water to remove dirt and debris that could become embedded or scratch the paint. Adding a layer of wax can add an extra layer of protection. Vacuum the interior of your car to remove trash and crumbs. This can help prevent pests and odors. Apply a protectant to leather seats to help prevent cracking due to temperature changes. 

Maintain Fluid Levels

Before storing your vehicle, check your car’s engine oil, coolant, steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid levels. These fluids should look clear, not brown or dirty. If they aren’t clear, flush them and refill them with new liquid. Maintaining fluid levels helps prevent air and moisture from getting inside your vehicle, which can cause rust and damage. 

Fill Up the Gas Tank

Leaving your vehicle with an empty gas tank allows moisture and air to get into your tank, which can lead to rust. Filling the gas tank with fuel can help prevent this issue. Adding a fuel stabilizer will also help prevent corrosion and the formation of gum and varnish. Drive your car for about 10 miles after adding the stabilizer so that it can circulate throughout your car’s system. The fuel may not be useable once you are ready to drive your vehicle again, so plan on draining and refilling the gas tank once you take it out of storage.

Prevent Pests

To prevent pests, remove any perishable items from your car that may attract them. Place a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe and seal it with duct tape. You can also place a cotton cloth in the exhaust pipe and other openings. Cotton cloths can prevent pests and absorb moisture to protect the engine. Cover your vehicle with a tarp and set moth balls around the outside. You can also set mouse traps to keep rodents away.

Run Your Vehicle Periodically

Visit your car monthly to run the engine for a few minutes. Take it for a quick drive to get parts moving and make sure everything still runs correctly. This also helps keep the gas and oils from evaporating or causing issues inside the car and prevents flat spots on tires.

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The Storage Mall offers storage for cars throughout the Northeast & Midwest. We offer indoor, outdoor, and covered car storage to accommodate your needs and budget. Many of our storage locations have extended or 24/7 access hours and security measures such as video surveillance and electronic gate access. Find a Storage Mall location near you and start storing your vehicle today.

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