FAQs About Self Storage Property Management

Third-party management services can help self storage companies manage their administrative tasks and daily operations. They can assist with accounting, auditing, expense management, employee services, and more. At The Storage Mall Management Company, we offer comprehensive self storage property management services. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our third-party management services for self storage facilities:

What Is Self Storage Property Management?

Self storage property management involves overseeing and maintaining storage facilities to provide a secure and accessible environment for customers. This can include tasks such as conducting facility maintenance, verifying security measures, improving customer service, and managing unit rentals. Property management services help make sure that the storage facility operates efficiently while meeting the needs of its clients.

For each premises we manage, our reliable property management team is typically responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the facility. We can also address customer queries, train store managers, and create staff schedules. From routine maintenance to managing rentals and leases, our property management services help storage facility owners organize their business processes.

How Does Property Management Secure the Property?

Security is a significant concern for self storage facility owners and those utilizing their services. Our property management team can implement and maintain security measures to protect customers’ stored items. This may include installing 24/7 surveillance systems, access control features, and additional lighting. Our team can also conduct regular security audits and implement upgrades as needed to stay ahead of potential issues.

Effective property management may involve conducting employee background checks and tenant screening processes. It can include regular store visits, comprehensive property inspections, and security equipment checks. By maintaining a secure environment, our property management team helps promote a safe and reliable storage location.

What Services Does Property Management Offer?

Third-party property management includes a range of services to enhance the overall customer experience. From handling inquiries and facilitating the rental process to providing assistance during move-ins and move-outs, our team helps make sure that our clients receive support during each step. Property managers may offer online account management, allowing customers to easily access their rental information, make payments, and update their contact details. Managers can create clear communication channels to address any concerns promptly.

How Does Property Management Handle Maintenance?

Maintaining the physical infrastructure of a self storage facility is another aspect of property management. Third-party management services can conduct regular inspections to find and address any maintenance issues. This might include repairs to doors, lighting, and security systems and ongoing upkeep such as landscaping and pest control.

Our property management teams also implement preventative maintenance measures to minimize the risk of breakdowns. This can help make sure that the facility remains in good condition. By prioritizing maintenance, we can contribute to a positive customer experience and create a well-maintained environment for the facility owners.

Consider Third-party Property Management Services

Our property management team offers a convenient solution for self storage facility owners looking to streamline their daily operations. We can assist with employee training, facility maintenance, property security, and revenue management. Contact The Storage Mall Management Company today to learn more about our third-party property management services and their benefits.

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