How a Self Storage Company Can Help You Choose the Right Unit Size

Choosing the right storage unit size will allow you to comfortably organize your unused items like furniture, clothing, or cars. The Storage Mall Management Company provides various resources to help our customers find the right unit for their needs. Here are a few ways that self storage companies will help you choose your unit’s square footage:

Size Guides

Storage unit size guides allow customers to view the available unit dimensions and what they will fit. The Storage Mall Management Company offers a helpful size guide resource for our customers to enjoy. It lists the unit dimensions and common objects that will fit within that square footage.

Understand what items you want to store before looking at the size guide so that you can accurately assess how much space you will need. If you want to store smaller boxes of clothing, books, or valuables, a smaller unit will provide adequate storage space. For individuals with larger items such as cars, motorcycles, or lawnmowers, a sizeable storage unit will be required. Our diverse unit sizes are able to accommodate various work or personal items.


Storage calculators allow customers to select the items they want to store and then the computer will generate a unit that will fit those items. A calculator is different from a size guide in that it will automatically generate a unit that fits specific items. A size guide will simply list square footage. We offer a helpful calculator that allows you to select items from the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and miscellaneous spaces. Once you have selected the items you want to store, such as a mattress, sofa, grill, etc., the calculator automatically provides the correct unit size for your needs.

In-person Visits

If you have used a size guide or calculator and are still unsure about the right unit size for your needs, you can visit your local storage space in person. Reach out to the management team to verify when you are allowed to stop by. An in-person visit will allow you to examine the available units in your area to see if they are large enough for your personal items. Measure the items you want to store beforehand to compare them with the height and width of the unit.

Team Members

Storage center team members are a valuable resource for determining the right unit for your needs. Call, email, or submit an online form to ask questions about available space. Employees will evaluate your storage needs to find the best fit. Employees can help you find a temperature-controlled unit or an easy-access drive-up space. Communicate your requirements with the team members of your local storage facility to receive personalized guidance.

Get Sizing Help From Self Storage Companies

Storage companies offer a variety of resources to help you pick the necessary unit proportions. The Storage Mall Management Company seeks to simplify this process for our customers by offering size guides, calculators, team assistance, and in-person visits. Reach out today to learn more about our unit selection process.

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