How a Storage Unit Can Help Declutter Your Home

Accumulating belongings over time can lead to a crowded and disorganized space. Self storage companies like The Storage Mall Management Company can help you declutter your home by providing additional space for short or long-term storage. You can store various items in a storage unit, including the following:

Items You Don’t Use Frequently

When decluttering your home, you are likely trying to decide on the most useful and necessary items. You may also run into items you do not use daily but still want to own for various purposes. This can include specialized kitchen equipment or tools. By keeping them in a storage unit, you can still access these items without having to make space for them in your home.

Seasonal Items

You can store seasonal items, such as seasonal clothes and decorations, in a storage unit. If you live in an area with changing seasons, you can have a rotating wardrobe. Do this by storing seasonal clothing you are not using in a storage unit and switching them out as the seasons and temperatures change. You can also keep your holiday decorations in a storage unit. When it comes time to decorate, you can bring them back home for the season.

Sentimental Items

Sentimental items such as family heirlooms, photo albums, and childhood memorabilia can contain memories and emotional value. If you prefer not to donate or dispose of these items, a storage unit can be a suitable solution. These units provide a safe and controlled environment for storing sentimental belongings. At our Storage Mall locations, we offer indoor, temperature-controlled units to help protect your valuable items.

Items To Sell

While decluttering, you may find valuable items that you would rather sell than donate. Selling can be a lengthy process, as it involves listing the items and waiting for a buyer. If you have multiple items that you want to sell, you can keep them safe in a storage unit during this process. This can help get them out of your home when you need the space while allowing you to plan and negotiate selling terms with potential buyers.

Paperwork and Books

A storage unit can be a helpful solution if you have paperwork and books that you infrequently need to access. Storing your boxes of paperwork can free up space in your home office and help you eliminate visual clutter. If you need to access a specific document or paper, you can easily retrieve it from your first-floor storage unit. Many of our storage units are also climate-controlled if you are worried about the long-term storage conditions of your paperwork.

Recreational Equipment

Recreational equipment, such as sports and camping gear, can be stored in a storage unit. Equipment like kayaks and bicycles can occupy valuable space in your home or garage, making them a good choice for stowing in a storage unit. These units can offer extensive access hours, with some providing 24/7 availability so you can access your items when needed.

During Moving

If you are in the process of moving or selling your home, a storage unit allows you to stow your belongings during the transition. A storage unit can also provide a convenient solution for holding items you don’t immediately need. This includes things like outdoor furniture and home decor. When ready, you can easily access these items from your storage unit to begin organizing and decorating. Many of our units are short-term rental friendly, so you can rent a storage unit without making a significant commitment. This is beneficial for managing unpredictable closing dates and other potential delays.

Bulky Items

Bulky items, such as excess furniture and unused appliances, can be difficult to store in your home. Even a few of these items can occupy significant space, making it challenging to host family parties or complete renovations. By keeping them in a storage unit, you can hold onto these items for future use without having to find a place for them in your home.

Hobby Items

Many hobbies come with specialized supplies and equipment, from woodworking tools to musical instruments. If you have a hobby like this, you can use a storage unit for your extra materials. By storing some of your supplies, such as excess fabric or a backup sewing machine, you can better organize your home and create more space for inspiration.

Self Storage Companies for Your Storage Solutions

Self storage companies like The Storage Mall Management Company offer useful storage solutions that can help you declutter your home. Whether you need short or long-term storage, we have locations in New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Delaware, Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. We maintain our local facilities with a client-priority focus, providing convenient storage options for your seasonal, sentimental, and bulky items. Rent a storage unit near you to free up space in your home today.

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