How Do I Get My Car Ready for Storage?

Finding car storage may become necessary if you’re traveling for an extended business trip or vacation, have a summer-only vehicle, or are leaving for an overseas deployment. Take precautions to prepare your car for long-term storage to keep it in good shape and ready to drive when you return. At The Storage Mall Management Company, we have various facility locations that provide storage for cars. Here is more information about how to get your vehicle ready for storage:

Thoroughly Clean It 

Clean your car inside and out before storage to remove any substances that can damage paint or attract critters. Wash, dry, and wax the outside of the vehicle, then vacuum any crumbs and dirt. If you’ll be gone for an extended time, change the oil and oil filters to prevent any contaminants from damaging the engine. Top off the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from breaking down. A full tank stops moisture from gathering inside the fuel tank and prevents the seals from drying out. 

Perform Routine Maintenance 

Going through a car maintenance checklist helps catch any potential issues before storing your vehicle. Top off all key fluids, such as antifreeze, windshield wiper, and brake fluid. Check the tire pressure and determine if parts like windshield wipers or filters need replacing to make your return to driving more convenient.

Disconnect the Battery 

Car batteries can drain without regular use. To keep your battery healthy, have someone drive the car occasionally or disconnect the battery. A third option is to use a battery tender. These devices deliver small amounts of charge to keep the battery ready for driving.

Use a Car Cover 

Car covers can provide extra protection for your vehicle. They help keep snow, ice, dust, and bird droppings off your car. A cover keeps out excessive exposure to sunlight, which might degrade a car’s interior. Even if you store the vehicle in a covered storage option, a car cover helps keep small animals or bugs from getting inside through the exhaust pipe or air intake. 

Store Your Car Off the Ground

“Flat spotting” is when tires develop a flat spot from being parked in one place too long. It can happen faster in cold temperatures and result in a bumpy ride when you try to drive. Some flat spots are fixable through driving, but occasionally, the entire tire needs replacement. If you’re storing a car for an extended period, over-inflate the tires slightly or remove the wheels and use a car jack stand on all four corners.

Car Storage Options 

In many of our locations, three car storage options are available: indoor, outdoor, and covered car storage. The best choice depends on how long you’ll be gone, the time of year, the type of car you have, and the size of your vehicle. Here’s more information about the options offered at The Storage Mall:

  • Indoor- This option typically provides the most security and protection from the weather. Indoor storage may offer drive-up storage units or specialty enclosed vehicle spaces. Some facilities have climate-controlled options.
  • Outdoor- Uncovered outdoor¬†storage for cars lets you drive up and park your vehicle in a setup similar to a parking lot. It’s easy to access your car and can be a convenient option for large vehicles like RVs or campers.
  • Covered- Some outdoor spaces provide covered options with a roof, tent, or canopy. These add protection from the elements and are ideal if you live in a temperate environment or don’t need to store your vehicle for long periods.

Find Storage for Cars 

The Storage Mall offers secure and reliable storage for cars at our facilities. When you are ready to secure a spot, be prepared to show photo identification and proof of insurance. You will also need to provide your vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number. Find a location near you and rent your space today.

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