How Do You Properly Store a Boat?

Boat storage facilities provide a safe and secure place to store your boat. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term storage, many options are available depending on the size and type of your craft. At The Storage Mall, we have affordable and flexible storage options for boats of all sizes. Here are the steps to properly store your boat:

1. Drain the Boat

Moisture is one of your boat’s biggest enemies, especially during winter. It can freeze when temperatures drop, causing damage to various boat parts. It can also cause corrosion and create the perfect environment for mold growth. Find all areas where water can accumulate and drain it. That includes bilges, live wells, pumps, port-a-potties, and water heaters. You may need to raise the boat to speed up the drainage process. A moisture-displacing spray can help with bilge drying. Add antifreeze to this area to prevent freezing.

2. Conduct Thorough Cleaning

Boat storage facilities are often clean and well-maintained, so keep your boat in a similar condition before storing it. Dirt and grime can attract pests and turn into mold. Give your boat a thorough scrub before storage. Start with the interior and remove food particles and other unwanted debris from lockers, refrigerators, freezers, and other areas. For the exterior, you can use a mild cleaning solution to remove dust, salt residue, bird droppings, algae spots, and other substances. Rinse with clean water afterward and give it enough time to dry. Consider using wax to help protect the boat’s paint. 

3. Winterize the Engine 

If you plan to store your boat for a long time, winterize its engine and other systems. Flush the coolant system with fresh water to eliminate corrosion, dirt, and salt. You can then refill with fresh antifreeze to prevent freezing. The next step is to top off your oils to the appropriate levels. Remove spark plugs and spray a bit of fogging oil into the cylinders. Remember to fill your fuel tank with gas and add a stabilizer. A stabilizer prevents gasoline oxidation and keeps it fresh for longer. Run the engine for several minutes afterward to circulate the oil and stabilizer. 

4. Remove and Store the Battery 

A boat battery can sustain damage if left in the boat during storage. Cold temperatures can drain its charge and shorten battery life. Remove your battery and store it indoors in a warm, dry place. Check the terminals for corrosion and clean them with a mixture of water and baking soda. Apply some grease on the terminals to protect them from moisture. Charge the battery occasionally during storage to keep it in excellent condition.

5. Cover the Boat 

When stored outdoors, boats are exposed to UV light, dirt, dust, snow, bird droppings, and other elements. A high-quality cover can protect your boat from these elements and keep it looking good longer. The cover should fit snugly over the boat and have support poles or straps for extra stability. The Storage Mall offers boat storage facilities with indoor and covered storage options that provide additional protection from the elements. Consider these storage options if you’re concerned about your boat’s condition. 

Choose Reliable Boat Storage Facilities 

Your boat is a valuable asset and deserves proper treatment during storage. Choose a reliable storage facility like The Storage Mall for quality protection. We offer various options, including indoor, covered, and outdoor storage, to suit your needs and preferences. Our boat storage facilities are secure and well-maintained. Contact us today to learn more about our boat storage services.

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