How To Prepare Clothes and Other Items for Storage

The storage centers provided by The Storage Mall Management Company are ideal for securing your personal belongings and saving you space at home or during a move. When storing clothes and other possessions, it’s a good idea to clean, repair, and organize each item beforehand. Here are several preparation ideas to consider before stowing your clothing and other items in a storage center:

Sort and Declutter

Before you store your clothes and other items, consider sorting through them. Choose which items you want to keep, donate, or discard. Storage centers provide units with a specific amount of space, so only store items you genuinely want to keep. Consider only keeping items that are in good condition. Decluttering before storage helps reduce the volume of items you plan to store and minimizes the chances of storing things you no longer need.

Clean Each Item

Wash and dry or dry-clean all clothing items before storing them. Stains, body oils, and other residues on clothing items can set over time and become harder to remove later, potentially ruining your clothing items. Consider cleaning all non-clothing items with antibacterials before storing them. Used kitchenware, dusty electronics, and dirty furniture may become damaged during long-term storage if not cleaned properly. Cleaning items before storage can also minimize the need to clean them during their stay in the storage unit.

Repair Clothing and Other Items

Before placing your clothing in storage, consider repairing it for future convenience. Fix loose buttons, sew up holes, and address any other issues to make the clothing easier to wear after storage. Electronics and appliances can also be tested before they are placed in storage to make sure they are working properly.

Purchase Necessary Supplies

Find storage containers, like plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and vacuum-sealed bags, to help organize and maintain your belongings. You can also use garment bags, depending on the items you are storing. Consider purchasing additional packing materials to help secure and protect your items. This could include bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape.

Organize and Label

You can use labels to help organize your storage unit, allowing you to find specific items more quickly. Consider organizing items by category, such as winter clothes, holiday decorations, and kitchen appliances. Pack similar things together or within the same area. You can label each container by writing on it or using a label maker.

Protect Your Items

Depending on the type of storage unit you choose, stored clothes and other items may be at risk of damage from moisture and pests. Consider using moisture-absorbing products like silica gel packets to help prevent mildew growth. You may also want to use cedar blocks to raise your items and deter potential pests. You can choose one of The Storage Mall Management Company’s climate-controlled storage units to provide increased protection from the elements.

Fold and Pack Clothing

Properly folding and packing your clothing can help reduce creases and wrinkles. Consider using tissue paper between delicate pieces of fabric. You can place your clothing items in breathable storage containers to prevent moisture build-up. Avoid using non-vacuum sealed bags, like plastic, for long-term storage as they may trap moisture. You can use vacuum-sealed bags to compress bulky items like comforters and pillows, saving you space in your storage unit.

Protect Fragile Items

Items that are delicate or breakable may need extra protection. Consider wrapping them individually in bubble wrap or packing paper before you place them in boxes. You can also use dividers or padding inside each box to separate and cushion your fragile items. Be sure to place delicate items in areas that are less likely to be bumped or moved, causing them to fall and break.

Choose an Appropriate Storage Unit

At The Storage Mall Management Company, we offer several storage solutions for you to choose from. Some of these storage units include self-storage, boat storage, student storage units, and climate-controlled storage. Our storage units can also have different access types, such as indoor, outdoor, or drive-up access. Consider the items you plan to store before choosing the type and size of storage unit you need.

Arrange Items Accordingly

Once you have selected your storage unit, think about the arrangement of each piece. Stack containers and boxes in a stable manner. You can do this by placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones at the top. Consider leaving enough space between each box for air circulation.

Find Storage Centers Near You

Preparing your clothing can help reduce the likelihood of damage and make it easier to move items in and out of storage. You can do this by sorting, cleaning, and protecting each item. The Storage Mall Management Company can store your clothing and other items in various locations, including New York and the Midwest. Contact us today to learn more about the size and unit type that best suits your storage needs.

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