How To Protect Your Items for Long Term Storage

Long-term storage is a solution for reducing clutter in your everyday space by keeping items safe and secure with self storage companies. Prepare your items before storing them to protect them and keep them ready for use. The Storage Mall provides storage options for personal belongings, furniture, boats, cars, and more. Here are a few steps to take that will prepare your items for long-term storage:

Use the Right Boxes 

Sturdy storage options like packing boxes and plastic bins work well for long-term storage because they protect items and stack well. Flimsy plastic bags and thin cardboard are more susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuation. Boxes used for moving are thick and uniform enough for stacking and usually include a clear space for labeling. Clear plastic bins last longer than cardboard, and make it easy to see your belongings. If you opt for bins, make sure items are dry before storing them since plastic has less airflow than cardboard and can trap moisture. 

Avoid Plastic Wrapping 

Wrapping items in plastic can trap moisture that may damage your items. Leather, delicate fabrics like wool or lace, and paper items like photos or documents are especially prone to moisture damage and mildew. Use paper or bubble wrap to protect items and keep them ventilated. For fragile or valuable items, renting a climate-controlled unit may be worthwhile. The Storage Mall has numerous locations with climate-controlled options to keep your items safe. 

Label Everything Clearly 

Uniform packing stacks well but can make it easy to forget where specific items are stored. Clearly label your packages before trusting them with self storage companies to save yourself time and guesswork later on. Creating a labeled map of your storage unit is another option to help you remember where your belongings are located. 

Clean Items Thoroughly 

A good cleaning before storage helps items stay in good condition. Clothing items should be washed and dried before storing to prevent yellowing and odors. Dust and polish wood items to seal the wood and avoid any mildew growth. Make backup files of electronic items, and cover them in cotton to keep dust out. 

If you are storing appliances, clean them inside and out, making sure to use any specialized products to remove built-up grease or grime. This stops any mildew and mold from growing and keeps the appliance ready for use when the time comes. Any water appliance, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, should be dry and the hoses drained to prevent freezing or mold. 

Protect Furniture and Appliances 

Furniture and appliances are susceptible to damage from dust and dirt when left unused for long periods of time. Cover them with a cotton sheet for gentle and breathable protection. You can also cover the floor of your storage unit with a canvas tarp or sheets to prevent any dampness from the floor. 

Insure Valuable Items 

Self storage companies offer a certain level of security with cameras and locks, but valuable items may warrant special protection. Insurance covers items lost through theft or damage. Some insurance companies won’t cover belongings over a certain amount, so do some research before putting something in a storage unit. The Storage Mall provides several storage options to suit your needs, such as boat storage, vehicle storage, and more. Our facilities offer modern security features including cameras, fencing, and gated access to protect your valuable items.

Choosing Self Storage Companies 

Self storage companies offer a flexible and accessible way to store items without buying or renting a bigger living space. Storage units can be used for personal belongings like seasonal decorations or clothing, to hold furniture and appliances when between homes, or for large items such as RVs and boats.The Storage Mall provides safe and secure storage options to meet your needs. Contact us today to find one of our storage facilities near you. 

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