Should I Choose Indoor or Outdoor Storage for My Car?

Storing your car for an extended period takes some planning as you choose whether to use indoor or outdoor storage. Some factors need to be looked at as you decide, including the climate you live in, how long it will be stored, and your budget. The Storage Mall Management Company has several indoor and outdoor options you can use when it’s time to store your vehicle. Here is more information to help you choose between indoor and outdoor storage for cars:

The Amount of Time It Will Be Stored

When looking at where to store your car, look at how long it will need to be stored. If it’s for months, an indoor storage facility might be ideal to keep it safe. Once your car is prepared for storage, you can park it inside. Covering the vehicle will protect the paint and keep bugs out. You’ll also want to change the oil and top off the gas. Keeping the gas full helps to keep moisture from getting into the tank.

Outdoor storage works well if you’re going on vacation for a few weeks or if you need temporary parking while you wait to move to a new living situation. The wear from the sun or the cold will be minimal and may cost less than indoor storage. If you use an outdoor option, you’ll want to go through the same checklist to prepare your car.

The Climate Where You’ll Store Your Car

If you live in an area with extreme heat, cold, or wind, an indoor storage option can help. It will keep your car clean and undamaged from the wear and tear of the elements. Indoor units are kept at a constant temperature throughout the year. 

Areas with temperate weather can provide outdoor storage for cars, where they’ll be safe and ready to drive when needed. Since the weather changes little in these zones, your vehicle can be stored for longer periods. We can help you find the right spot for storage in an outdoor space.

The Budget You Have for Storage

While proximity to your location is a key point to look at when finding a storage company, you want to make sure the unit is within your budget. Look at any deposits that need to be made. Some units may have an initial deposit fee, along with monthly costs. The Storage Mall Management Company offers competitive pricing and other deals depending on the location. Reach out to a facility in your area to learn more about the pricing options we offer.

Find the Right Storage for Cars

Knowing where to store your car comes down to a location where it’s safe and secure from the elements. You will want to prepare your vehicle so it will run smoothly when you’re ready to use it again. Indoor or outdoor storage are both good solutions, each with its own benefits. When you’re ready to find a secure space, contact us to learn more about the storage unit options we offer.

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