What To Look for When Storing Your Vehicle

Whether you need long-term or short-term storage for cars, look for an option that has multiple locations and is safe and convenient. A storage facility can store and protect your car while you are away. When choosing a storage solution provider for your car, look for the following benefits:

Storage Options

Finding a facility that has different types of storage can help you choose a solution that meets your size and protection needs. The Storage Mall has multiple locations throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Many of our facilities offer indoor, outdoor, and covered storage for cars. These options come at different price points and offer a range of sizes to accommodate different types of vehicles. This makes our facilities a convenient option for any size or type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, and boats.

Facility Maintenance

Choose a clean and organized facility equipped with sturdy storage structures. A well-maintained facility helps protect your car from damage caused by unclean or unsafe conditions. Selecting a storage site that is well-maintained may also reduce the risk of damage from rodents, insects, and debris, which can affect both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle.


A secure storage facility can help keep your car safe from vandalism or theft. Prioritize finding a storage facility that has electronic gate access, well-lit properties, and video surveillance. These solutions reduce or prevent the risk of someone breaking in and damaging or stealing your car. All of our Storage Mall locations have pin code access electronic gates and video surveillance to deter unauthorized access. In the event that something does happen, we have systems in place to manage it.

Access Hours

Before choosing a storage center, think about how often you want to access your car. Regularly visiting your car to drive or maintain it can keep it running smoothly. A facility with extended or 24-hour access may be the most convenient option, as it allows you to check on your vehicle on your schedule. The Storage Mall offers extended access or 24-hour access at most of their locations so you can visit your car whenever you need or want to.

Customer Service

A storage facility with involved customer service can simplify the rental process. Involved customer service representatives can answer questions and provide solutions for problems as they arise. At The Storage Mall, we run our storage facilities with a client-priority focus to provide the best service possible.

Additional Resources

Some companies offer additional resources along with their traditional storage units, making your storage experience more convenient. The Storage Mall provides you with storage tips and checklists, sizing guides, and tenant protection plans. Our checklists can help you know how to prepare your car for storage, including what components to clean and how to protect your tires. Sizing guides and calculators assist with knowing the dimensions you need to safely store your vehicle. You can also enroll in our tenant protection plans to help cover potential risks or losses, further protecting your property.

Find Safe Storage for Cars

When it comes to looking for storage for your vehicle, you want to choose a solution that offers different storage options and is safe and accessible. The Storage Mall offers storage for cars in multiple locations across the country. Find a location near you and begin renting today.

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