Where Can College Students Store Their Belongings?

Taking a dorm or apartment full of items back and forth every year isn’t an option for every college student. Most students travel during the summer or fly home and need temporary storage for cars and household items. The Storage Mall Management Company maintains local storage facilities for storing furniture, cars, clothing, and anything else you don’t need for a while. Here is more information about storage options for college students:

Ship Items Home 

For valuable items, shipping them home is a quick way to make sure they are available when you arrive. Several shipping companies offer free scheduled pick-up times so you don’t have to carry heavy items to the store. Use sturdy boxes with adequate packing material to protect items. Shipping companies usually provide a tracking number, but adding package insurance in the event the item is lost or damaged adds an extra layer of protection. 

Use a Friend

Reach out to friends, family, or roommates staying in town or living locally to see if they have any extra storage space. They might not be able to take much, so choose only the most valuable items to store with someone you trust. Make sure to check where items will be kept and who else has access to them before handing anything over. You may think about investing in a portable safe for extra security. 

Self-storage Units

Storage units are a helpful option for long-term or short-term storage. Self-storage allows you to keep all your belongings in one place close to campus instead of dividing them up between friends or hauling them between home and school every few months. The Storage Mall Management Company provides a range of well-maintained storage unit options. Self-storage comes with additional benefits, including: 

  • Easy access: Storage facilities have extended hours, with many providing 24-hour access to clients for convenient loading and unloading. 
  • Security: Professional office staff, gate codes, cameras, and unit locks are some of the safety features keeping your stored items safe. 
  • Flexibility: Self-storage units come in different sizes to suit your needs. The Storage Mall Management Company facilities have options for climate-controlled storage and units specifically designed for student storage.
  • Versatility: We offer flexible schedule options to suit your timeline. Units come in various sizes and are suitable for clothing, electronics, furniture, or anything you need to lock away for a time. 

Storage for Cars 

For students traveling or flying home, car storage units should be reliable, secure, and flexible. The Storage Mall has facilities to keep your vehicle safe for short or long durations. Using a storage facility offers security through pin-code gated access, video surveillance, and ample lighting. Covered car storage options also protect your car from unforeseen weather conditions. 

Find Safe College Storage Options

When seeking storage solutions for college students, evaluate your needs with questions such as how much space you need and if you have a vehicle that also needs storage. The Storage Mall Management Company manages locations that provide storage for cars, furniture, and other personal belongings. Find a facility near you today. 

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