5 Life Events When You Will Need a Storage Center

Life events may require a storage unit, such as moving, going off to college, or relocating to another state. The Storage Mall Management Company provides storage units that fit your needs, whether for a few items or even a car or boat. Here are a few life events where a storage center may help you out:

1. Going to College

College dorms or apartments are usually small, so keeping everything with you may be difficult. A storage unit is a good option if you’re attending college out of state but want to keep your personal items nearby. This way, you can access what you need without having to clutter your dorm room with extra furniture or documents and books you might need. We have several sizes available, so you can keep it small if you only need a little space or larger if you want to bring furniture along.

2. Getting Married

When getting married, you have belongings from both spouses to fit into one house. A storage center helps by giving you a place to store any extra furniture or other items that don’t fit into your new home. It allows you more time to go through and decide on what you want to keep, sell, or give away. Storage units can be temporary or long-term, depending on your needs.

3. Relocating to Another State

Relocating for business may be intimidating, but having a place to store your items until you find a new home can help. Some companies provide temporary housing, while others have you find housing on your own. A storage unit can give you the space to keep your items safe while you search. We have many locations and various sizing to meet your needs, so you’ll find one close to your new home.

4. Downsizing

When moving from a larger house to a smaller home or apartment, you may need a place to store any of your extra items. This includes furniture or items that have significant value. If there’s no space in your home, you can store antiques or artwork to protect them. Any necessary paperwork can also go to storage. Rather than selling your items, using a storage unit means it’s still close at hand for you when needed. 

5. Creating a Business

You can rent a storage unit if you’re starting a business without the funds for an office space. These can be used for products or as a place to store paperwork. Our spaces are climate-controlled to protect your equipment and documents from the elements. This also works once you’ve opened your business office if you need the extra space.

Contact a Storage Center for Your Needs

Contact The Storage Mall Management Company for pricing if you need more space for furniture and other items. We help you through all your life events, whether going to college, relocating, or downsizing. We have many size options in different locations, so we’ll find what you’re looking for today. Reach out with any questions, and we’ll help you find the right storage unit for your needs.

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