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01 Nov
Merger Press Rerelease

A merger of The Storage Mall & Erbs Management Group Erbs Management Group and The Storage Mall Join Forces to Form The Storage Mall Management Group in a new merger. Missouri-based third-party property management company, Erbs Management Group, announces a merger with The Storage Mall to form The Storage Mall Management Group, a self-storage management...

20 Oct
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What can I do with my wedding dress to make sure it stays well preserved? Perhaps you wore your grandmother’s elegant silk gown with the flowing train and the delicately embroidered veil that matched, or maybe you and your girlfriends spent weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress that you felt best reflected your personality....

14 Oct
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6 Best Places for Fall Boat Storage

Where do you plan to store your boat for the winter? Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting cooler, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy outdoors. If you have a boat, you’ll want to find a place to store it during the fall months....

30 Sep
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Everything You Need to Know About Self Storage and Renting a Unit Finding a self storage unit can be an overwhelming task, especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the options and features available. It’s best to assess all of your needs before you even search for a local storage facility. Consider how long...

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