Finding the Right Size of Storage Unit for Your Boat

You may need boat storage for winter while traveling or when you don’t have enough space at home. Whatever the reason, you need the right storage unit size for maximum protection and convenience. At The Storage Mall, we offer affordable boat storage facilities in various sizes, making it easy to find the right fit. We also provide storage for cars to fit with other boat equipment. Here are tips for finding the right size of storage unit for your boat:

1. Measure Your Boat and Trailer

Discover your craft’s dimensions in order to find the proper storage unit size. Measure your boat’s length, width, and height, including protruding features such as a wakeboard tower or trolling motor. Remember to include the trailer’s length and width as well. That will give you an idea of how much space your boat will require. Calculate the total dimensions and use this number as a reference when comparing storage unit sizes. Our boat storage facilities at The Storage Mall offer custom indoor and outdoor services to accommodate various sizes.

2. Consider Any Additional Equipment

Besides your boat and trailer, you may also have additional equipment that needs storage with your boat. They may include life jackets, fishing gear, skis, and other water sports equipment. List these items and factor them into your storage space calculations. It may be better to have extra space in your storage unit for future purchases or additional gear. Plan and choose a storage unit size that accommodates potential additions.

3. Think About Accessibility

When choosing a storage unit size, consider how often you need access to your boat. If you plan on using your boat frequently, you may want a larger storage unit to allow for easier movement and organization of your belongings. This will also prevent potential damage to your boat or equipment when navigating a cramped storage unit. If you only plan on using your boat once or twice a year, a smaller storage unit may be sufficient. Remember that you may still need to access your boat for maintenance or repairs. Our boat storage facilities at The Storage Mall offer indoor and outdoor storage so you can choose your desired accessibility.

4. Compare Different Storage Unit Sizes

Now that you have the dimensions and equipment list, it’s time to compare different storage unit sizes. Our indoor 10×15 storage units are ideal for smaller boats and watercraft like jet skis, small drifters, and skiffs. 10×20 and 10×30 units can accommodate larger vessels, including speed boats under 24 feet, fishing boats, small pontoons, and wakeboard boats. Covered parking spaces can help store bigger boats that won’t fit in an indoor storage unit. Outdoor storage options are also available for larger boats that indoor units and covered parking can’t accommodate.

5. Get Assistance

If you are still unsure about your boat’s right storage unit size, ask for professional help. Our staff at The Storage Mall are knowledgeable and experienced in helping customers find storage unit sizes suitable for their unique needs. They can also offer tips and advice on maximizing storage space and protecting your boat from potential damage. With their help, you can find an ideal storage unit size for your vessel and any additional equipment.

Use Storage for Cars and Boat Facilities

The ideal storage unit size can provide safety and convenience for your boat when not in use. Measure your boat and trailer, consider additional equipment, compare different sizes, and seek help if needed. At The Storage Mall, we offer secure and reliable boat storage facilities to give you peace of mind and protect your investment. Our variety of unit sizes and accessibility options cater to all types of boats and individual needs. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit. 

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