Successful Yard Sales Using Storage

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Spring cleaning and yard sale season is upon us, use a self-storage unit to assist with organizing your items to sell.

So you are having a garage sale to get rid of some old things? The question is where to store and organize your items while you are getting ready. A self-storage unit is your answer!

Cluttered Basement?

Your basement storage room may be so full that you have no idea what is in there, and no room to sort through it. Your garage may be full of tools, bicycles, kids’ toys, yard tools, and sporting equipment, not to mention your cars. An empty storage unit is the perfect place to sort and price all of your items.

Why a self-storage unit is better

The best way to keep things in order is to categorize things as you drop them off at the storage unit. Sort your items by categories you might see in a department store or secondhand store – kitchen, clothing, toys, appliances, linens, sporting goods, etc. It will save you lots of time as your sale approaches. Instead of having to scramble to sort things as the sale date nears, all you will need to do is go in and tag things. (You can even price things as you drop them off.) As you go through things in your storage room or people give you their hand-me-down clothes, you take them right to the storage unit.

Share the load

If you are having a sale with friends or family, you can split the cost of the storage unit. That greatly increases the benefits of using a self-storage unit to store your items because it reduces expenses.

As the date of your yard sale approaches, set up the racks and tables in your garage before you bring your things over from the storage unit. Have some idea of where you would like things to go. All you will need to do is load up your van or truck with your items and unload them onto the tables and racks in your garage. Everything will already be sorted and priced.

Having the storage unit also will let you concentrate on preparing for the sale without distractions. Leave the kids, computers, and phones at home and spend time sorting and tagging without the common interruptions.

If you have an annual sale, you can bring items to your storage unit year-round. Setting up for your sale should be simple if you keep it well-organized.

The Storage Mall makes renting a self-storage unit easy with our online or on-site rental process. Head to your closest location to get a jump start on garage and yard sale season.

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