What Kinds of Cars Can Be Put in Storage?

Vehicle owners need secure storage for cars for various reasons. They may need more garage space, protection from poor weather conditions, or enhanced security. The Storage Mall Management Company provides clean, secure storage spaces for a variety of cars. Here are a few different types of cars that can be put in storage:

Vintage Cars

Vintage cars require special storage treatment and upkeep to maintain their condition. Look for a storage unit with a climate-controlled environment to help prevent damage from excessive humidity. Cold temperatures will also damage your vintage car’s battery. Older vintage cars require a carefully maintained storage space to preserve the paint, mechanical components, and upholstery.

Off-season Cars

Certain types of cars are only able to be used during certain seasons of the year. These may include cars that don’t have all-wheel drive or have an open roof, so they aren’t suitable for snow or other cold-weather conditions. During the off-season, you can store these cars at a storage facility. Storage facilities provide a clean, dry space for your seasonal cars and recreational vehicles.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars offer features and equipment that are not normally available in the average car models. These cars require an increased level of protection to prevent theft as they can be very costly. Look for storage facilities with modern security features such as gate code access, spotlights, video surveillance cameras, and heavy-duty padlocks. These qualities will help deter or prevent theft at your chosen facility.

Project Cars

If you are working on restoring a vehicle, a storage unit provides a spacious area where you can start your project. An indoor unit provides protection from the elements while you fix up and make changes to the car. If you do not have a garage or driveway, storage units provide ample space for you to work. Lay down a tarp or covering to avoid spilling vehicle fluids on the unit flooring. Reach out to the storage center in your area to determine if they have an available storage space that will accommodate your car restoration project. 

Modified Cars

Some people will make modifications to their vehicles, and those changes will increase the size of your car. Modifications include adding larger tires, adding coil spring assisters, or installing a lift kit. These modifications may make it difficult for your car to fit in your garage or original parking space. Vehicle owners can pick a storage unit with exact size specifications to make sure that their modified car will fit inside. Depending on the facility, they may be able to rent indoor or outdoor parking spaces for their vehicle. Storage centers also often provide easy drive-up access for frequent use.

Look for Quality Facilities That Offer Storage for Cars

The Storage Mall Management Companyworks to provide high-quality spaces where customers can keep their vehicles for long or short periods of time. Verify that your chosen storage location offers quality features like temperature control, security monitoring, and clean, spacious units. Contact us today to learn more about our unit sizing and availability in your area.

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